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Japanese Culture Experience Program for Inbound


​1959年、中野ブラザーズは日本人として初となるラスベガスでの1年間ロングラン公演を成功させました。サミー・デイヴィスJr. 、スティーブ・パーカー、シャーリー・マクレーン、フランク・シナトラ、ゲーリー・クーパー、クラーク・ゲーブル、レッド・スケルトン、エリザベス・テーラーなど、そうそうたるハリウッドスターも二人の舞台を観劇、高い評価を得ました。


In 1959, Nakano Brothers succeeded a long-run performance in Las Vegas for the first time as a Japanese.

Oh yeah Hollywood star also won high praise for theaters.

Especially, I was surprised by audiences and Hollywood stars who saw Japanese culture by themselves, being fascinated by the appearance of the Nakano Brothers who tap dance gracefully with clogs wearing kimonos.


That year, when the Nakano Brothers came to the United States, a huge damage caused by the Isewan Typhoon in Japan came out.

Hollywood stars performed a one night charity show and we all danced "Nakano Brothers'" GETA tap ".


Nakano Brothers, who showed off the "GETA Tap Show" overseas, made a long-run performance for one year a great success, causing a Japanese whirlwind in Las Vegas.



After returning home, its fame reverberated in the country, and the dance style of Nakano Brothers incorporating geta on tap dance became a topic in many theaters in Japan.


We devised a lesson program that you can experience Nakano-style "GETA tap dance" that is unfolded with its history and reliable techniques, even for foreigners visiting Japan.

It is the only one program that combines the clogs which are the symbol of the Japanese footwear culture and the tap dance of the Nakano Brothers who surprised the Hollywood star.


​japanese WA!TAP Program


​Comming Soon!

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